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"35 Years...Keeping the Dream Alive"
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College for Teens

“Educational Ambassadors of Nonviolence Club”







2012 “Educational Ambassadors of Nonviolence Club” Outstanding Student Award


Alaina is a 5 year student of the College for Teens Program. “Educational Ambassador of Nonviolence She was inducted as a Club Member of the “Educational Ambassador of Nonviolence” Club Member in 2010, the year that component of the program began. She is a noted as being a leader and loves to volunteer.   She served on the 2011/2012 General Planning Committee and assisted with the planning the program for the Children’s Christmas Party. She is active in her community and is a honor student at her school.  Alaina has grown to become a positive role model for younger girls and a leader for nonviolent issues.  During the 2011 Luncheon, Alaina was chosen to be speak on behalf of the college for Teens Program on a video produced by CBS-3 and also chosen as one of the speakers at the 29th Annual Awards and Benefit Luncheon.


During Summer 2011 College for Teens Summer College Campus Day Program held at Temple University, Alaina was chosen to spend a week in the offices of Dr. Harold Mignott at the University of Penn Hospital to learn about the medical field and the qualitfications needed to become a Nurse Practioner or a doctor.

Alaina says: “ I am 18 years old and I currently attend John W. Hallahan Catholic Girls' High School as a Senior, the Class of "2012". I have been affiliated with the Philadelphia Martin Luther King Jr. Association for Nonviolence, Inc. "College for Teens Program" going on 5 years. Sadly my time as a student has come to an end because I will be graduating from the program. I was given the honor of being inducted into the Ambassadors Program and I will continue to serve the College for Teens Program as well as the King Association carrying out Dr. Kings' legacy. I have gained incredible friendships as well as new knowledge as far as education and community service that has been heartfelt and has humbled me as a person.  I will be attending Temple University in the fall of 2012 majoring in Nursing and Drama/Theatre. I plan to obtain a Bachelors Degree as well as a Masters Degree in Medical school as a Pediatric Registered Nurse Practitioner.”




Destiny is a 12th grade student of Little Flower Catholic School.  Destiny has been in the College for Teens Program for over 2 years and immediately upon her joining, became one of the leading students in the program.  Destiny also loves to volunteer at the Association and participated in the Children’s Christmas Party in helping to plan the program.  She also sat on the 2011/2012 Planning Committee.  She was inducted as a “Educational Ambassador of Nonviolence” Club Member in 2010.

As shy as Destiny is, she has grown to speak publicly. In 2011, she was chosen to play a leading role in a commercial produced by NBC-10.  She is an awesome role model for young women through all that she does and who is continues to be as a young lady, both academically as well her positive self esteem.

During Summer 2011 College for Teens Summer College Campus Day Program held at Temple University, Alaina was chosen to spend a week in the offices of Dr. Harold Mignott at the University of Penn Hospital to learn about the medical field and the qualifications needed to to work in any area of the medical field.


Destiny says: “I plan to attend Pittsburgh University to become a forensic Psychologist.  College for teens has taught me to become more open to possibilities that will benefit me in the future.”


NOTE: Alaina and Destiny assisted another College for Teens student (Leon Cambridge) in making a special presentation to Youthadelphia (The Philadelphia Foundation) and as a result the program received $10,000




Christopher is a 12th grade student at a Philadelphia Public School (name sealed for student’s protection).

Christopher came to the program in 2008, a very shy young man with lots of determination.  Over the years he has had many obstacles to overcome.  In 2009, Christopher was accidently shot in a drive by shooting after playing basketball in his neighborhood causing him to almost become paralyzed.  This caused him to miss school for a year.

As a determined young man to beat the odds, Christopher fought to rebuild his life and quickly eagerly returned to school and the College for Teens Program.  He has been active in the program ever since, always volunteers his time to help when needed and enjoys being a part of the Children’s Christmas Party for Disadvantaged Children.  While he still struggles with the violence that he faced, he maintains good grades in school and a positive attitude.  He was inducted as a “Educational Ambassador of Nonviolence” Club Member in 2011.

Chistopher says:“ In the last few years my experience at CFT has been wonderful.  I learned new things and met new people. My favorite part was the engineering class where we made the mouse car traps and the rockets. I Plan to go to trade school to learn auto mechanics.





Shaquille is a 12th grade student ofBoys Latin Charter School.  Shaquille came into the program on the first day he arrived into the United States from Trinidad.  On that day he was charged with the responsibility of carrying the College for Teens banner during the Association’s ‘Freedom Parade and Rally”. 


Over the years, even though Shaquille faced many challenges, he has grown into a fine young man and determined to succeed academically and in all his endeavors.  In 2010, Shaquille was one of the first young men to be inducted into the College for Teens, “Educational Ambassadors of Nonviolence” Club.


During 2011 College for Teens Summer College Campus Day Program, Shaquille was chosen to spend a week with the Philadelphia Fire Commissioner, Hon. Lloyd Ayers and his staff as a Career Development Project.  He was chosen by the Commissioner as the top student in this part of the program.


Shaquille continues to be a volunteer and a leader of nonviolence as he continues to strive to succeed academically.


Shaquille Says: “My College for Teens experience for the last 4 years was a great opportunity. I was taught how to build rockets and how to make earthquake resistant buildings. I plan to go to college for engineering.”