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"35 Years...Keeping the Dream Alive"
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About Postpartum

One of the least talked about illnesses faced by women. Women in your church are quietly suffering from it and don’t know anything about know it!

Postpartum  is one of the least talked about illnesses affecting women today.  Most women go undiagnosed.  Postpartum can lead to child abuse , broken relationships and other  major issues.  More mothers in the United States suffer (approx. 1.3 million per year) from this illness than other illnesses affecting women. 

About Seminar

On Thursday, May 19, 2011 the King Association held a demonstration workshop for women wanting to know more about Postpartum Depression and its affects on women suffering with this illness.  Approximately 50 women were in attendance.  Surprisingly, approximately 90% of the women in attendance had secretly suffered postpartum or some for of depressions.  

The seminar was co-sponsored by Temple University Medical School, Medical Educational and Research Department. Panelists included Mary F. Morrison, M.D., Vice Chair of Research for the Department of Psychiatry and Professor of Psychiatry and Internal Medicine at Temple University School of Medicine, M. Ingre Walters, M.D., Psychiatrist and Pediatrician -Crisis Response Center, Temple University Hospital and Joye Nottage, Executive Director, Philadelphia Martin Luther King, Jr., Association for Nonviolence, Inc.


"Postpartum Depression and Depression after Rape"

Starting in February 2015, the King Association will be hosting a series of seminars to bring a stronger awareness of  Depression in Females.  The focused area will be on Postpartum Awareness and Depression after Rape.  Special Emphasis will be placed on the serious harmfulness lack of treatment can have on the family especially those most vulnerable, children.

The first seminar will take place as an informative breakfast held to inform other community leaders and other potential supporters of our fight against this disease and is scheduled for Saturday, February 21, 2015. The general session seminars held for the public will also be breakfast seminars and  will be held 3 times in a six month period with the goal to increase the seminars around the city of Philadelphia.  The goal of the seminars is to educate and encourage those who may have any symptoms to seek help while at the same time showing ways that others can give support without being critical.  More importantly, to assure that those children affected by the negative behavior can enjoy a healthier life and to prevent other children from suffering as a result of the affects of non-treatment.